Three Main Types Of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is not something new and is being commercially used for many years. In 1965 the first commercial laser cutting machine was introduced in factories and workshops and since then this technique is being constantly used. It is the most preferred method of cutting through hard materials that require precision cutting and clarity. A lot of hard materials including but not limited to, steel, aluminum, copper, diamond and carbon are usually cut by laser cutting automatic machines as these materials are hard to cut manually and even done so, the results are not quite accurate or neat. Material cut on laser cutting machines is often used in construction, building, and various household items. Construction and building experts prefer laser cut material over manual cut as it has a unique finishing and neatness that is visible. Nowadays, laser cutting machines are readily available and used commercially as well as domestically as it comes in many sizes. Little handheld laser cutting Sydney machines are gaining popularity for house maintenance. People who have developed a hobby in craftsmanship, often carve out beautiful pieces with handheld laser cutting machines and satisfy their inner artist. Although readily available and widely popular, some people are still unaware of the various types of laser cutting machines. They are classified on the basis of their functionality and performance.

Three of the main types of laser cutting machines that are mostly used are mentioned below.

  • Nd: YAG laser

This is the most powerful and highly functional laser machine. It gets its name from neodymium-doped yttrium which is an aluminum garnet crystal that is used while cutting through hard materials. The laser beam is focus primarily on this crystal which then converts the power of laser by tenfold and cut through the hardest materials like it’s no big deal. This kind of laser cutting machine works quite efficiently and gets the work done with finesse and clarity.

  • Laser microjet

This kind of laser cutting Brisbane is relatively new than other types of cutting machines. The working mechanism of this machine is quite fascinating as it employs the force of water and combines it with an ultra-fast beam of the laser. This thin water stream coupled with laser beam becomes so sharp and cutting that it can cut through any material known to man. This kind of laser cutting method is deemed to be more accurate and fast then other kinds. Water also serves the purpose of cleaning the surface that is being cut and also maintains the temperature of the material.

  • CO2 laser

Unlike the above-mentioned laser machines, this one does not use a crystal or water, in fact, it works with the carbon dioxide gas. This particular kind of laser cutting machine is used for thick and hard materials and mostly used commercially. The laser beam is coupled with highly concentrated carbon dioxide which becomes so powerful that it cuts through any material that comes in its way. This carbon laser cutting machine is mostly used for cutting thick industrial grade steel and other metal sheets as well.