Preventing Falls And Restoring Safety Methods

The surfaces such as walk ways, ramps, emergency escape routes, helipads, weigh bridge ramps, and other surfaces where abrasion sets in need non slip coating which include substrates of carbon steel, cement and approved primers. These are applied through spray mode for evenly spread coating.

It is also worthwhile to explore the industrial surfaces that need anti slip treatment as equal to above mentioned surfaces.

The ladders that are exposed to wet and oily conditions need the most attention. The foot area which is also the hand held area where you thrust yourself up needs to have a very strong non slippery grip under these conditions. Further one go up the ladder, the risk of fatality is high if the right safety measures are not in place. There are fibre reinforced luminous plastic material that is available in the market from which one may cover the ladder rungs for non-slip measures. These fibre materials are of light weight but high impact resistant, durable with rough surfaces, which will not decay due to sun or rain, glows in the night, fire and chemical proof. The same material can be used for the same safety reasons in stair way nosing as well. This means especially the descender will have a good grip and visibility which will avoid accidents. 

The non-slip walkway covers can be laid similar to how you lay tiles on a floor. These walkway covers too are made out of fibre reinforced luminous plastic material. These can clearly demarcate fire escape or emergency escape routes to minimize human casualties in case of such emergency.

There are many apparatus used to test anti-slip resistant material under dry and wet conditions. Under the wet conditions, it is subdivided in to two as water based and grease & oil based. The non-slip coating needs to pass the anti-slip resistance tests which is part of the safety certification requirements.

Most coatings are applied to achieve uniform thickness. Whether you apply the coating by using brush, roller or using electronic apparatus, make sure the required thickness is uniformed throughout the application. One should also be mindful of the footwear that used especially is an industrial environments. More the friction between your shoe and the anti-slip floor, greater chances of surviving slipping, tipping and falling over.

The public transportation vehicle such as school buses, airport shuttle buses, sightseeing vehicles, city buses need anti slip flooring installed for the safety of the passengers. Especially the wheel chair ramp of the bus, needs anti-slip flooring without a doubt.